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Use the garage: If you park in your garage on a regular basis, you’ll save it from vandalism and make it less obvious when you are away from home.


Close blinds: Thieves scout the target before a break-in looking for valuable electronics, gun cabinets, and other desirable merchandise.


Padlock sheds and garages: Criminals will use your tools and ladders to break in to your home. Prevent theft of tools, bikes, mowers, and more.

Place door hinges on the inside: Otherwise, doors can be easily removed – even when locked.


Don't advertise trips: Don’t mention trips on social media or in voicemail.

Leave a light or TV on a random timer. Random timers are much more effective for making it look like you're home.


Answer knocks to the front door. Call out or make noise to signal someone is at home. Intruders often ring the doorbell to see if the home is unoccupied.


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Landscape: Trim overgrown shrubs that conceal burglars trying to break doors or windows. However, large, thorny bushes that block access are the exception to the rule.


Lock up. Lock doors and windows to prevent easy entry to your property by intruders. If the window locks are broken, hammer a nail hammer into the track until you can repair it.


Install outdoor motion detector lights. These lights eliminate a prowler’s element of surprise. Solar options are available.

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